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  • #097 Becoming a Healer: What If We Can’t Help?

#097 Becoming a Healer: What If We Can’t Help?


This healer was holding herself back from fully doing what she wanted, but wasn’t sure why. We uncovered a fear that pretty much every healer must face – what happens when we can’t heal someone? Sure, she “knew” she couldn’t help everyone, but how do you actually fully drop the sense of obligation and guilt?

If you’re a healer or want to be one, this call will take you further down the rabbit hole and help you step into your power. This call is less about explaining the healing process and more about getting you ready to actually dive in, ready to have the time of your life while helping others.

Topics covered on this call

  • She wants to help people to heal, and has been able to bring that into her current job to a degree
  • She doesn’t really want to work for someone else, though, and would prefer to be a life coach
  • People have always come to her with their problems and it’s incredibly rewarding for her to help them
  • So, why isn’t she doing that? Digging through those wily fears to figure out what’s really blocking her
  • How our minds actually block us from finding and releasing our fears
  • Why people who “know too much” about this stuff can actually have a HARDER time figuring out what their limiting beliefs are
  • How to become free of judgment (and what keeps us from doing that)
  • Do healers have to have less resistance than the people they heal?
  • Why your limiting beliefs will NOT be more exotic than everyone else’s (you will still have daddy issues and worthiness issues), and why that’s totally a good thing
  • Why you can’t actually be a healer without having been exposed to a whole butt load of limiting beliefs
  • What if she attracts clients whom she can’t help?
  • Why can’t we help everyone? And why can’t some people be helped?
  • Why would someone even attract a healer who can’t help them? Are they still benefiting? What should the healer do in that scenario?
  • Why do people hold on to stupid, nonsensical limiting beliefs? (hint: it’s not because they’re stupid€¦)
  • How can she guarantee that she’ll always know what to say to her clients?
  • Where your power to heal actually comes from (it really has nothing to do with the words you use, and yes, as a prolific gabber, I fully recognize the irony in that statement)
  • Why healers can affect a powerful healing without necessarily having any kind of experience themselves (a bigger experience on your part does not necessarily mean a bigger healing experience for the client)
  • How to line up with the kinds of clients you actually want to work with (yes, you totally get to choose)
  • How to stabilize your vibration during a healing session
  • Don’t we have an obligation to help all those who “need” it?
  • How to fully release the guilt that comes up when you can’t help someone you want to help
  • Ok, so if words don’t heal, then why exactly DO I yap so much?
  • Why healing others (effectively) is a profoundly selfish act


Blog Post on healing I was referring to on the call: Is Therapy Obsolete Now That We Have LOA?

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