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  • #098 How Can She Get Out of the Feast or Famine Cycle?

#098 How Can She Get Out of the Feast or Famine Cycle?


This wife and mother left the corporate world to start her own business. It’s been feast or famine ever since, and although she has an easy time manifesting all kinds of other wonderful signs, she can’t seem to break through financially.

We were able to delve much deeper into the idea of separating the HOW from the WHAT, which, as this case shows, isn’t always that straight forward. We also covered the guilt that comes up in people when they are not contributing financially to the family, her husband’s apparent lack of support for the business, and how her own mind has been sabotaging her by keeping her stuck in her limiting beliefs. This is one of those calls that will give you insights in multiple areas, including finances, relationships, worthiness, boundaries and empowerment.

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s able manifest whatever “signs” she asks for, no matter how ridiculous, but she’s not able to manifest the financial abundance she’s been seeking
  • Why you can’t make one manifestation responsible for another manifestation
  • How the word “but” often causes us to poop all over our manifestations, and what to say instead
  • She’s been stuck in a feast or famine cycle pretty much all her life
  • She’s not irresponsible with money, and can’t figure out why she can’t be more financially stable
  • What the feast or famine syndrome is always generally a symptom of (this applies to money, relationships, and any other manifestation)
  • Why can she manifest a wonderful life in so many ways, but can’t seem to manifest in this ONE AREA? (We all have an issue or two like that)
  • Looking at how her mind has been tricking her into perpetuating her limiting belief
  • Why you have to be honest about where you are in order to change your current situation (and how you’re probably lying to yourself in subtle or not so subtle ways)
  • She left a secure job (she hated) to start her own business. Her husband keeps reminding her that he’s the only breadwinner. How can she deal with that?
  • How can she deal with the guilt that her family had to cut back on certain things while she’s building up her business?
  • Is a woman (or partner) contributing less to the family if they’re not bringing in money? (And yeah, we all want to say “no” to this, but how do you actually get there?)
  • She’s been sending her husband love and trying to just appreciate him in general. Why is that not shifting her into a reality where he’s more supportive?
  • Why her husband’s money is not different from her money. Yes seriously. Yes, I explain this. Oh, and why that belief is so detrimental.
  • Why people who are generally secure can often have a harder time identifying their insecurities
  • Figuring out what she REALLY wants – an excellent example of how to sift through the difference between the HOW and the WHAT. It’s not always straightforward.
  • Her husband triggered her in a big way. She had to “pray hard” to let that one go. Why praying hard, while being great, isn’t generally enough (and how to fix that)
  • Why we sometimes need to confront others in order to heal ourselves (we’re in relationships for a reason!)