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  • #099 She’s Sacrificing Herself in Order to Help Others

#099 She’s Sacrificing Herself in Order to Help Others


Calling all those well-meaning souls who still think that helping others has to involve self-sacrifice; that everyone else’s needs (or anyone’s for that matter) are more important than your own. If you’ve ever felt resentful about how much you do, but aren’t willing to really stop because, well, THEY NEED YOU, this call is for you. Times a thousand.

This client was actually living her whole life in order to “benefit” someone else (I put it in quotes, because there can be no true benefit under those conditions). How can she break out of this pattern, without letting the guilt of withdrawing her help overcome her? Or for that matter, how can she, as an empath, even manage to focus on herself when she feels everyone’s pain so acutely? Yeah€¦ this is an awesome call, complete with an empowering little rant, and everything.

Topics covered on this call

  • She thought she was moving towards what she wanted last year, but then her whole life came crashing down
  • She feels she has a lot of anger inside her, but she can’t figure out to let it out. It feels worse to her to feel angry. What gives?
  • Why you should never go “digging” for limiting beliefs, and what you should do instead
  • Why the path to happiness sometimes doesn’t look like happiness, and what it actually looks like
  • The ABC’s of a healthy, productive and healing anger release
  • Her anger seems to come at the most inopportune times, though. What should she do when this happens?
  • She married the wrong man for the wrong reasons and has been happy with her relationship from day one. She’s tried to leave but her husband won’t let her
  • Getting to the bottom of her constant resentment
  • She feels other people’s emotions so strongly, she can’t seem to ignore their pain, even if it’s detrimental to her
  • Why the well-meaning urge to help others actually often comes from a place of arrogance
  • Why do Light workers make themselves responsible for helping everyone, at any cost?
  • Why it’s not your job to help anyone
  • Ok, so what exactly IS our job?
  • How many healers are actually quite judgmental (to their own detriment!)
  • The way in which we actually criticize others under the guise of “love”
  • How to look at people who are in pain without losing your own happy shiny puppy vibration (you know, so you can actually be helpful)
  • A big old positive (yes, positive) rant about why life seems so damn hard for many of us
  • Why not everyone is waking up yet, and why you shouldn’t try to wake them up
  • Stop jumping in other people’s shit pits
  • Dealing with the guilt that comes up when you choose not to help someone (even if it’s clear that you can’t help them)
  • How she, as an empathy, can “turn down” other people’s emotions, so she not as overwhelmed (hint: it has nothing to do with “protecting yourself” or blocking their energy)
  • Can she help her miserable husband?
  • How can you tell if you’re really helping others or just trying to help them while sacrificing yourself (this is not always as obvious as you might think)?
  • Could leaving her husband actually help him heal?