#100 She Wants to Lose Weight


The call you’ve been waiting for!! Yep, I finally managed to record a call about weight loss!! And here it is:

This client has had a dysfunctional relationship with food for years. She feels that she’s tried everything, including intuitive eating (which didn’t go well, and you’ll find out why), but nothing seems to help. Listen in as I first explain the basics around why our current dieting mentality doesn’t work (it’s based on a false premise), and then dig into why this particular client has been carrying around extra weight. I have to warn you, I was only able to cover the basics, and get her started on her journey (there’s only so much you can do in one hour), but this call contains enough information to keep your head spinning for some time.

Topics covered on this call

  • She feels that she has a dysfunctional relationship with food, which has been going on for many years
  • She’s tried intuitive eating and has worked on letting go, but it doesn’t seem to be working
  • She fluctuates between dieting and binge eating
  • Why what we eat has nothing to do with discipline
  • Why you can’t just start intuitive eating out of the blue (and why it won’t work if you don’t do it right)
  • Why the whole calories in/ calories out equation is WAY too simple, which is why programs based on this paradigm don’t work
  • Why being overweight is not an indicator of a weak character
  • How the modern day approach to weight loss makes us feel broken
  • Why your eating habits are a symptom, not the problem
  • Your metabolism is not set in stone
  • What determines your metabolic rate?
  • Why you can gain weight while eating very little, and lose weight by eating a lot (it’s not as simply as calories in/calories out)
  • What practical step can you start doing today (which will make you happy!)?
  • What cravings actually are and why they aren’t the demons you think they are
  • Why do we crave such “bad” foods?
  • What those ravenous cravings are and why you’ll never be able to resist them (but what you can do instead)
  • Why you may not be able to just start eating raw food (and you don’t have to)
  • What’s really causing all this “hunger”?
  • How her issues with her kids are related to her weight (they have the same root cause)
  • Why setting more boundaries and taking more time for herself will actually make her a BETTER mother
  • How your work ethic can cause you become obese