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  • #101 Her Manipulative, Co-Dependent Ex is Holding Her Emotionally Hostage

#101 Her Manipulative, Co-Dependent Ex is Holding Her Emotionally Hostage


This client’s ex-husband, whom she has a child with, is trying to manipulate her into giving him affection. She feels stuck and unable to move on to a new relationship, with massive guilt weighing her down.

If you’re dealing with a co-dependent relationship of any kind, especially one you can’t just leave, this call will help you to get a whole new perspective. Free yourself from the guilt and shame, and shift into a vibration that will allow you to manifest a different version of that person, by getting to the root of why you’re tolerating that behavior in the first place (trust me, you have your reasons, and it’s not because you’re stupid or weak.)

Topics covered on this call

  • Her ex desperately wants her back, but she has no interest in that
  • She has to interact with him because they have a child together?
  • Why is she attracting this behavior from him?
  • He tries to guilt her into giving him affection, because “he doesn’t have anyone else”
  • Every conversation with him is about how he wants her back, even though their marriage was not a healthy one
  • He moved countries for her. She feels responsible for him being “stuck” there
  • The ugly truth about where our guilt (in these situations) actually comes from
  • What should she do when he threatens to harm himself or destroy her property if he doesn’t get what she wants?
  • She hasn’t been able to have a new relationship because of this situation
  • She feels guilty just thinking of another man. Why?
  • The common thing she’s doing that keeping him shackled to her, and how to set him free (applicable to any co-dependent relationship)
  • Why their relationship was not a mistake, even though it ended
  • How can she align with a different, healthier version of her ex?
  • The conversation she can have with him that will change the energy between them
  • The best way to react to others who are trying to manipulate you
  • She has a problem with anger, which is an issue because he uses anger to manipulate her
  • How can she make peace with her negative childhood memories of anger, so that she can changer her reaction NOW?
  • An exercise to help her learn how to deal with other people’s anger, so she won’t be manipulated by it or afraid of it any longer
  • How their son can help to teach them both to step into their true power