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  • #102 She’s Tired of Always Having to Wait for Men to be Ready for Her

#102 She’s Tired of Always Having to Wait for Men to be Ready for Her


This client is tired of meeting men that weren’t available to her in some way. She has spent the last couple of years waiting for a man to be ready for her, but somehow she just never seems to get what she wants. Armed with tons of evidence “proving” that she couldn’t find love without a massive amount of compromise, she made the perfect example of someone whose mind just won’t let go of resistance.

This call isn’t just going to be useful for those who feel like they’ve been waiting for love and are sick of it, but also all those who feel like their minds are constantly sabotaging them. You know you are, you overthinkers, you. Ha.

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s never had a physical relationship
  • She’s always attracting men who are not available in some way (married, long distance)
  • She’s very willing to wait for guys to be ready for her. Why?
  • She’s not attracted to a lot of men, so it’s a big deal when she is
  • She thinks she’s open to meeting other men, but is she?
  • The fallacy of declaring anyone “worth waiting for” (aka, stop waiting)
  • Can you actually find love online?
  • Is being “too picky” keeping her from meeting men? The answer may surprise you
  • What is she actually waiting for?
  • If you have to be in a good place to manifest a relationship, then how do I explain people who were in a bad place when they manifested a great relationship?
  • Why does she have to do conscious work on her relationship, when other people seem to manifest them easily? It seems so unfair
  • Working through her STRONG “yeah buts” (how our minds fight us and present our resistance as obstacles)
  • She’s so tired of not getting what she wants, but is that actually true? (aka, how our minds trick us into thinking our dreams are unreachable)
  • Why she can actually be attracting the “wrong” men (or no men at all), even when she’s feeling good
  • Why her incredible stubbornness is actually an asset