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#103 Going From Utter Despair To The Life Of Her Dreams


This call starts off a bit dark – the client has had a ton of huge setbacks. She was fired from three jobs, and then her mother fell ill and transitioned, but not imparting some last words that completely shook up her daughter’s world. After much turmoil and battling anxiety attacks, however, this caller managed to turn her life around.

We were able to pack a lot into this call – explanations of all the turmoil she went through (so much easier to see in hindsight!), making her aware of all the positive manifestations in her life and finally, taking the awesomeness even further. By the end of the call, we were both flying high and I’m sure you will be, too. If you’ve ever been beaten up by life, or, if you just want a nice, feel-good experience, this call is for you.


Topics covered on this call

  • In the last couple of years, she was fired 3 times and her mom fell ill and passed away
  • Before she transitioned, her mom apologized, which completely changed her life and brought up a huge amount of resistance
  • Having been fired has robbed her of her self-confidence
  • Why did she lose so many jobs? Getting to the bottom of her negative manifestations
  • What it almost always means when someone gets fired (hint: it has NOTHING to do with incompetence or laziness or being a bad person)
  • Why the current global vibration is making it MORE likely that people get fired, and why that’s a really good thing. Yes, seriously
  • Why did everything pile up on her?
  • What really caused her mother to apologize before she died?
  • Why did she end up getting panic attacks on top of everything else?
  • She felt immensely guilty for having been fired. The societal belief caused this (one that you may well have too and one which you should totally drop!)
  • What’s happening when the Universe is seemingly forcing you, painfully, into a certain direction?
  • This entire situation happened for her. Really? How, exactly?
  • She just took on a new job. Why she almost certainly won’t get fired from this one
  • She moved back in with her ex-husband. How is THAT a good thing??
  • She wants to become a modern farmer. Can she realize her dream?
  • How modern farming is connected to healing (great demonstration of how any job can be a healing job)
  • She feels ashamed of her current life when she’s talking to her ex-colleagues back in the big city
  • Turning the shame into pride
  • How her life and all the struggles she went through can actually help her help others (joyfully)
  • Stepping further into her joy – what actions should she take to keep realizing her dreams?