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  • #104 The Fear of Losing People – to Death, Break-up, Etc.

#104 The Fear of Losing People – to Death, Break-up, Etc.


This is a HUGE call. What started off as a question about relationships (how to attract one), quickly led into an awesome discussion on death and the fear of loss. And no, this is not a dark or heavy call. There’s actually a lot of humor in it. We hit some really big concepts in ways you’ve not heard before.

We dissect the fear of death, the fear of loss and the fear of change into nitty gritty detail, offering a shift in perspective that has the power to set you free. On top of that, we tackle the fear of rejection and social anxiety. So, basically, if you have any fears around relationship of any kind, or anything involving people, this call is for you. What I’m saying is, it’s for you. This is your sign.

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s been single for a long time
  • She wants a relationship, but has a fear of losing them
  • Her best friend gravitated out of her reality a few years ago, leaving scars. Why did this really happen?
  • She’s afraid that she may have sabotaged the friendship, and that she’ll sabotage future ones, as well
  • She also “lost” some of her family to death, greatly enhancing her fear
  • How her friend leaving and her cousin dying are exactly the same thing (yep, seriously)
  • Why do relationships have to end?
  • She already lost one cousin, and another one has cancer
  • Why death is not the end of a relationship
  • How worrying about death ruins life
  • The trick that will help you to stop being so damn afraid of death (your own and other people dying on you)
  • There paradox of never wanting to “lose” people, and why we don’t actually want to hold on to people
  • Why you actually can never really lose a relationship (this is a big one. Pay attention)
  • Why nothing ever really truly ends (it changes)
  • The reason why change is so scary, and the one belief you need to change to take the fear out of it
  • People are always leaving your reality (several times a day!), and you don’t even realize it. This is not a bad thing. It’s perfect, actually
  • The anatomy of a happy long term relationship (romantic, family, other)
  • Is she limiting her chances of meeting men by not going out much?
  • How can she know when she doesn’t feel like going out, and when it’s fear?
  • She’s actually afraid of meeting a guy. She might screw it up. How to be afraid of screwing it up (yep, this is another BIG one. This can basically dissolve all fear of interacting with other people)
  • Why people (not just women) turn into psycho-bitches. Hint: it’s not a lack of control, and they are not actually crazy
  • Why you actually can’t screw it up with “the one”
  • How to stop the disappointment that comes up when it doesn’t work out with a potential partner
  • Getting over the fear that you’re not good enough (yeah, we’re hitting all the big ones today)