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  • #105 Divorcing an Abusive Husband When There’s A Child Involved

#105 Divorcing an Abusive Husband When There’s A Child Involved


This mother in India is doing her best to leave her abusive husband, despite her family’s pressure to stay. Although her location does present some unique, cultural challenges, most of her fears, centering around doing what’s best for her child and being able to line up with the future she truly wants, are universal.

We also explored how the world is changing, not only for women and girls, but overall. If you’re struggling with female empowerment, divorce with children, or an abusive situation, this call will help you not only feel much more positive and hopeful, but will give you practical steps you can use TODAY to line up with the future you want.

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s separated from her husband, but has not divorced him. Should she give it another try?
  • Should they try to make it work for the children?
  • Her husband is abusive and she wants to leave, but she’s facing massive amounts of pressure from the family
  • She doesn’t want her daughter to grow up without a father
  • She also doesn’t want to be alone for the rest of her life
  • How important is it for a child to grow up with both parents?
  • What makes a father a good father?
  • Why are her parents trying to get her to stay in an abusive relationship?
  • If she gets divorced, she may not be able to find housing or a school for her child (social stigma in India)
  • Should she focus on leaving the country to escape the cultural stigma?
  • How to deal with all the negative stories that people tell her as warnings of what will happen if she’s single
  • She doesn’t trust her decision making ability. She’s made so many “mistakes”, what if this is one, too?
  • Why did she attract this relationship and why did it have to get so bad?
  • How can she line up with an easy, amicable divorce process, despite her husband having stated that he will not agree to one?
  • How India is changing, and how this is the BEST TIME EVER for her and her daughter to shift their energy
  • How she can create a new, empowered, conscious reality for herself, right NOW and right where she is