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  • #108 Her Own Abusive Childhood is Being Passed On to her Teenage Daughter

#108 Her Own Abusive Childhood is Being Passed On to her Teenage Daughter


This client’s own abusive childhood has left behind some beliefs that are now being mirrored by her teenage daughter. How can she truly help her daughter on her journey, while also cleaning up the powerlessness she still feels? Can she repair her relationship with her (still emotionally abusive) father?

I love this call. We hit on so many nuggets dealing with parenting, traumatic childhoods, anger releases, setting boundaries and standing up for oneself, as well as teenage pregnancy and abortion (it’s not a dark call, I promise. There’s a lot of humor in this one). If you’re a parent dealing with a rebellious child, had domineering or even abusive parents, or are bad at confrontation, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • She tends to revert to victim mode when she’s faced with authority or strong personalities
  • She often feels like she’s the child in her relationship with her daughter
  • Her daughter has been lying to her. Why?
  • She’s afraid for her daughter, who ended up in an abusive relationship
  • Why all teenagers rebel; it’s built into the design
  • Separating the parenting issues from her own shit (don’t make your kids responsible for your own crap€¦)
  • Did her vibration cause her daughter to lie?
  • Why you can’t ask your kids to tell you everything
  • The difference between guiding and controlling (and why one works way better than the other)
  • Her daughter is continuing her mother’s pattern of abusive relationships. What can she do to help?
  • Her childhood memory of accidentally being involved in the death of animals still haunts her. Why did she manifest that?
  • She grew up in a house hold where unfair corporal punishment was the norm (the rules that would get you beaten kept changing)
  • Working through the buried anger from her childhood
  • Different techniques for having a successful anger release
  • Orchestrating and emotional detox
  • How can she bring this empowerment into her current relationship with her (still abusive) father?
  • Finding empowerment with any strong, argumentative person or authority figures
  • What is her daughter actually mirroring back to her? What’s actually happening in her journey?
  • Is abortion wrong? What really happens when a fetus is aborted?
  • How do you move into non-judgment, especially as it pertains to parenting
  • Can you be more selfish and still be a good parent?