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#111 Manifesting a Guy Who Is Ready for Her


This call covers a question on relationships, but it actually contains what is probably the best explanation and demonstration of the full process of ferreting out beliefs and releasing them that I’ve ever done. I lead the caller step by step through the process of raising her relationship vibration.

We also cover why we attract hot/cold situations, where a man (for example) comes on strong and then suddenly gets distant, why we settle for less than we want (and how to stop doing that), as well as how to raiseĀ  your self-worth.

Topics covered on this call

  • She broke up with this guy, but he keeps coming back in to her life. Why?
  • He showers her with attention, and then all of a sudden, he’ll become cold and distant
  • What’s generally always behind the hot/cold phenomenon
  • How does she stop blaming herself for her “negative” manifestations?
  • A full explanation and demonstration of the exercise I use to figure out what beliefs are causing the negative emotions
  • Demonstrating a gentle way to release anger (it’s not always punching and screaming…)
  • Boundaries vs. minimum standards vs. what you really want (most people get this horribly wrong)
  • Why do we have such a propensity for settle for partners that aren’t actually what we want?
  • Why people look for “fixer upper” partners
  • Lining up with what she really wants in a partner
  • Why focusing on what you truly want often feels totally weird
  • Working on self-worth, and avoiding the fear of arrogance (how can you feel good about yourself without coming off as conceited?)
  • The dangers of self-deprecating humor
  • Probably the best demonstration of how to bring up and release resistance that I’ve ever given
  • Should she put up with it or break up with him? How can you tell?