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  • #114 This Healer Was Feeling Responsible for Her Clients’ Healing

#114 This Healer Was Feeling Responsible for Her Clients’ Healing


This physical therapist wanted to attract more patients into her practice. In her case, this was less of an abundance issue, and much more of a misalignment with attracting the RIGHT kind of patients. She, like most healers, felt responsible for making her patients heal better, which was causing her to become depleted.

What is a healer responsible for, anyway? And what should you focus on when healing someone? How can you line up with the perfect patients? And how can you talk to patients about true healing without mentioning LOA? We answer all these questions and much more in this call. If you’re a healer of any kind, this call is for you. And yes, we talk about how to get more patients, too. Ha.

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s a physical therapist and would like to get more clients
  • If she’s not busy doing something, she feels like she’s wasting time and doesn’t have a purpose
  • Why her purpose has nothing to do with what she DOES (nope, not even her job. Yep, this applies to YOU, too)
  • Why our value is NOT tied to what we can do for others, and what actually does determine our value
  • How any sense of unworthiness keeps us from manifesting the success we want
  • Why and how healers make themselves responsible for making everyone feel better
  • There difference between a Joy and a Job
  • Why do her hands often hurt at the end of the day?
  • How does free will tie into the idea of healing others?
  • How can she keep from feeling bad when a patient isn’t getting better?
  • Why her patients aren’t actually coming to her for physical therapy and what they’re actually there for
  • What should she focus on when a patient comes to her practice?
  • What’s the difference between an intellectual healing approach (such as the one I use) and a physical healing approach (physical therapy, reiki, massage, etc.)?
  • Can we make correlations between certain illnesses and certain beliefs (like Louise Hay did)? What should we be careful about when doing so?
  • How to make sure you don’t deplete yourself (as healer or otherwise)
  • What actually determines which patients end up in her treatment room?
  • The one thing you MUST do to ensure that your patients improve
  • How to figure out who her perfect patients are
  • Explaining how a patient how they attracted their injury WITHOUT talking about the Law of Attraction
  • What does it mean when clients cancel? Why is that something that should be celebrated?
  • What to focus on to get more clients (the whole call was actually about this…)