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  • #115 She’s Tired of Men Who Aren’t Available

#115 She’s Tired of Men Who Aren’t Available


This caller’s childhood sweetheart came back into her life. She wanted to be more than just friends, but he wasn’t up for it. Why not? Why did she manifest him in the first place? Listen in as we address some common misconceptions about relationships, how we make them much harder than they need to be, what causes us to manifest partners we aren’t a match to, and learn what to do instead so you can finally attract the partner you want. 

We also talked about how to set boundaries and how raising your standards actually gets you what you truly want. If you have a pattern of attracting the wrong kinds of partners, or are tired of being stuck in the friend zone, this call is for you. 

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s dissatisfied with her love life and wants the universe to help her get a romantic relationship
  • She feels she has low self esteem based on things from her past
  • Recently her childhood sweetheart came back into her life and she wanted to be more than just friends with him
  • Why thinking every guy you meet is ‘the one’ creates pressure
  • How setting boundaries and raising your standards profoundly affects your self esteem
  • What are the bare minimum standards for dating a guy (or a woman)
  • When is the right time to walk away from a potential romantic partner and still feel good about doing that
  • How the universe mirrors back to you both your positive and negative vibration
  • What actually is re-active living
  • How having misconceptions about how the law of attraction works can put you in a fearful state
  • Why obstacles pop up and what they are showing you
  • How to have fun with the journey not just the destination
  • Listen in as we clean up the resistance she has to what she really wants from a relationship
  • What is it she’s unknowingly focusing on and what are the limiting beliefs she has about guys
  • Who and what to focus on when visualizing so the visualization feels good
  • How removing conditions/resistance can change what you thought you wanted
  • What justifications you need to leave someone
  • What the universe brings you when you set boundaries
  • What a romantic relationship should feel like
  • How to rejoice in all relationships
  • How to recognize good manifestations and how we limit more good manifestations coming to us
  • What are the arbitrary standards we set for other people
  • What are you responsible for to ensure you feel better about yourself
  • What happens when you’re a vibrational match to what you want
  • When to recognize opportunities to raise your vibration