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#116 Feeling Desirable When You’re Overweight


The reader has a belief that being overweight makes her undesirable and she can’t manifest the relationship she wants.  Listen in and hear how I explain the reasons why people are overweight and what a truly desirable person is, regardless of how they look.

During the call we explore the vibrational reasons why we gain weight and how trying to lose it by dieting doesn’t work for most people.

This is a monster call and I love it.  The energy is amazing. If you want to feel desirable while overweight, manifest that dream relationship and learn how to lose weight, this call is for you (the call lasts longer than 1 hour – like I said it’s a monster call…..)

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s had a lifetime of self programming believing she’s undesirable because of her weight
  • She feels strong in other areas of life but this strength seems to work against her
  • Listen to how I explain what being a strong woman is really all about
  • Learn why her weight is actually serving her in a positive way
  • The real reason why men don’t find her attractive
  • She has a set point in her relationships and then men run away from her
  • Why she keep attracting men like this into her life
  • What happens to our bodies when we think we’re unworthy
  • Why specific diets don’t work for everyone
  • What limiting beliefs cause weight gain for some people
  • Is there a reason for gaining weight that serves us
  • Do diets work on a permanent basis? (Hint: NO!)
  • What does her vibration have to do with dieting?
  • Why do other people voice their opinions about weight and illness?
  • Why big energy people get teased the most, especially as children
  • How does she keep attracting people into her life who use her weight to belittle her
  • How can she react to these people and still feel good about herself
  • What can she do to face her fears
  • Creating a visualization about relationships and seeing what objections this brings up
  • Why what we think a man finds attractive in a woman isn’t always true
  • Why our perception of attractiveness can change when we get to know someone
  • Can other people dim our light regardless of how we think we look to them?
  • How can she feel good about herself and shine brightly when she gets rejected?
  • Why losing weight as an excuse to feel good can actually make us feel bad as well
  • She wants to know what she can do to make herself feel safe especially when she thinks about a partner dying
  • What is ‘fat’ on an energetic level? – I explain it here…….
  • Why exercising to lose weight often doesn’t work 

        Coaching Call #104 mentioned – The Fear Of Losing People