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  • #117 She Can’t Get Ahead In Her Career And She Feels Time is Running Out

#117 She Can’t Get Ahead In Her Career And She Feels Time is Running Out


The caller believes she should have a better job at her age (she’s only 36) and now thinks time is running out for her.  She’s happily married with children but can’t stop thinking she’s letting them down because her financial contribution is small.  She wants a better career but has trouble knowing what she’s really passionate about.   Is she really too old at 36 to start a new career? Why does she feel she’s letting her family down?  What’s happening that stopping her from finding her true passion?

During the call it becomes clear she’s given up too quickly on any potential job she’s wanted to do.  She has a belief she’s not good enough to continue with what she enjoys. As well as her career concerns, she has issues with her in-laws and her weight. What’s the root cause behind these problems and are they connected to her belief that she not good enough?

We cover quite a lot on this call, about finding your passion, setting boundaries and why inspired action not only makes you feel better but also gives better results than forced action.   

If you have feelings of unworthiness, have trouble setting boundaries and you’re settling instead of going for your passion, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller has a part time job but not in the field she’d like to work in
  • She wants a more fulfilling job but she’s worried at 36 she’s left it too late
  • She has a degree but hasn’t used it since becoming a wife and mother
  • Her In-Laws and weight are also a source of concern
  • How are her issues connected to her thinking she’s not good enough?
  • She doesn’t feel that she’s making a contribution to her family because she’s not earning a lot of money
  • She wants a fulfilling career and a happy family unit
  • Is she really running out of time to have the career she wants?
  • How does she know if she’s settling for any job or going after her passion?
  • What’s happening to her vibration when she can’t decide what career she really wants?
  • Listen in as we work through her career choices and find the one that’s right for her
  • What she needs to do to clean up her vibration
  • What if you’re good at something but you have no passion for it?
  • Why didn’t her other jobs work out for her?
  • Is settling for mediocrity really so bad if there’s no pain involved?
  • What action can she take to manifest what she wants?
  • The difference between inspired action and forced action
  • The difference between waiting for manifestations to appear and doing the energy work to receive them
  • Does what we’ve learned at school and your chosen career path have to match up?
  • Is anything we’ve learned in the past a waste if we’re not using it?
  • She can’t stop thinking that she’s letting her Husband down
  • What is her responsibility when it comes to both her feelings and her Husband’s?
  • How can she choose better feeling options for herself?
  • Does not feeling good enough have any connection to weight gain?
  • How can she access action that brings her joy TODAY?
  • Why does she second guess herself all the time?
  • How can she stop being concerned what her Mother-In-Law thinks of her?
  • How can she set boundaries and what will happen if she does?
  • What’s the first manifestation you see when deliberately creating your reality?
  • How do you let go of the life you don’t want?
  • Why is it important to follow the breadcrumbs?