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#118 She Focused Positively and Got Something Negative


This caller knows LOA works in theory but when she deliberately used it everything went to hell. Her financial situation just wasn’t getting any better, in fact it got worse for a while, so she decided to stop trying to deliberately manifest money.  Why didn’t LOA work for her? She did eventually manifest, “the best job she’s ever had”, but now doesn’t trust that the Universe won’t just take it away. 

This call not only demonstrates how The Law of Attraction is working at all times but also shows what happens when we believe we’re thinking positively, but are, in fact, doing the opposite.  Listen in and learn how to recognize when you’re doing this and how to stop it in its tracks.  

If you understand the law of attraction in theory but your results are anything but awesome, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • This reader’s financial situation progressively got worse when practicing the Law of Attraction
  • She couldn’t figure why this happened so she gave up using it
  • After months of no job offers she manifested one that’s the best so far….
  • What happened to her vibration that made this job a reality?
  • What does the universe respond to when we ask for stuff?
  • How to notice a cattle prod moment and what to do about it
  • How can she allow better feeling thoughts?
  • She was so positive, why didn’t she manifest what she wanted?
  • How can she find relief after so much negative momentum?
  • What message are we sending our brain when we think thoughts that don’t serve us?
  • How to line up your energy to take action without the pain
  • Her inspired ideas didn’t pan out.  Why did this happen?
  • What our ideas represent and how we get closer and closer to what we want
  • Why doesn’t the universe bring us our fantasies?
  • How to create the essence of what you want
  • How can she stop questioning her abilities?
  • How can she understand and trust the manifestations that come to her?
  • What will happen when she stops thinking a limited belief and gets clear on what she wants?
  • The difference between giving up the struggle and giving up the desire