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  • #119 She Wants to Understand Why She Has Ovarian Cancer

#119 She Wants to Understand Why She Has Ovarian Cancer


This wonderful woman gave me the opportunity to talk about cancer in a positive way.   I share ideas that you may not have heard before, how an illness can serve us in ways we’re not fully aware of.   Although the call is about cancer (and back pain) it’s not a dark call; its gives an uplifting and inspiring outlook when living with pain and illness, and explains the connection between our emotions and the physical body.

If you’re living with an illness, know someone who is, or simply want a deeper understanding of how our emotions and the physical body are connected, then this call is also for you. Please note that this call deals with advanced concepts and may not be suitable for newbies.

Topics covered on this call

  • In 2011 she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and wants help in understanding why she manifested this condition
  • She was close to retiring from a stressful job situation and was looking forward to her future
  • She’d started preparations for her retirement job and was back at school which she loved
  • She was getting ready to leave a tough job where she’d felt unsupported by her boss
  • Why had she chosen to stay in a situation that was clearly making her unhappy?
  • How is her back pain connected to her job and her limiting beliefs about leaving?
  • Why did she develop cancer when she’d started to move towards a happy future?
  • What does ovarian cancer signify in our bodies?
  • How does our belief system shape how our cells react?
  • Why are we inspired to use mechanisms that might be bad for our bodies?
  • What can stress do on a physical level if we don’t resolve bad emotions?
  • How can you be in healing mode and get ill?
  • What burden is she still carrying that keeps her in pain and how can she move towards joy?
  • She feels guilty about her Husband quitting his job to take care of her
  • Can you actually enjoy an illness?
  • How can she still enjoy activities when she’s in so much pain?
  • How do others actually benefit when she asks for help?
  • What techniques can we use to heal and live the way we want?