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#120 Making Her Healing Business More Successful


This client left traditional medicine to open an alternative healing practice.  She truly believes in the methods she uses and is passionate about what she does, but also feels it’s her duty to help as many people as she can.  Her main concern is that her business isn’t making the money she thought it would and isn’t attracting the amount of people she’d like to help.

During the call, we worked through raising her confidence as both a healer and a business woman. We shifted beliefs about obligation (it’s my JOB to help others), as well as abundance.

If you’re a healer and/or you have a business that you truly believe in but isn’t making the money you think it should, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s looking for abundance in her healing practice but she thinks she’s ahead of her time
  • Is everyone ready to be healed regardless of the method used?
  • When she aligns herself with what she truly wants, what type of clients will she attract?
  • What should she do if she can’t fully heal someone?
  • Why do healers feel obligated to help others?
  • When is the right time to stop doing the things we don’t want to do anymore?
  • How do we become a match to options we can’t see right now?
  • Why did she get herself out of balance and how can she honor herself more?
  • How can she start having fun and still make the money she wants?
  • What can she do to keep her energy flowing in the right direction?
  • What action should she take to market her business?
  • She’s been told she isn’t capable of reading people’s energy.  Why did this upset her so much?
  • Why does she now think she’s not good enough to heal people?
  • Why does an illness often get worse before it gets better, and how does this tie in with what’s happening in our society today?
  • What can she do to become more aware of the solutions rather than just seeing the problems?
  • How can she bring balance to her life so that she can heal herself?
  • How to tell a better story and get the abundance you want
  • What she can do to feel better when she starts to worry or things stop being fun for her