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  • #122 How Childhood Beliefs Create Unwanted Adult Experiences

#122 How Childhood Beliefs Create Unwanted Adult Experiences


This client was recently and unfairly fired from her job. In fact, unfairness has been a pattern that has plagued her throughout her life. She’s come to expect and accept that this is how things are for her. Most things haven’t worked out, so why should now be any different?

Listen in as we dig through a tangle of childhood memories and discover the root belief. This call is an excellent demonstration of how to quickly find and go about releasing a large, underlying belief like this.

If you think life has been unfair to you and you’re someone who believes they can’t have what they want, or you feel you have deep seated beliefs and would like to learn how to release them, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s looking to improve her finances but whenever she tries something, it doesn’t work out
  • She was fired from a job she loved when a new owner took over
  • Why did it feel so unfair to her when she was sacked?
  • How her mind sabotages her attempts to identify her limiting beliefs?
  • How do her childhood beliefs affect what’s manifesting in her reality as an adult?
  • Why does she put up with things that don’t feel good to her?
  • What can she do to counteract the expectation she has that things won’t work out for her?
  • What is the biggest obstacle to her getting what she wants and how can she release it?
  • How can she honor herself more and learn to set boundaries?
  • Can her age actually be an advantage over someone younger?