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  • #123 Her Great Life Suddenly Fell Apart. Can She Get Her Power Back?

#123 Her Great Life Suddenly Fell Apart. Can She Get Her Power Back?


This is a powerful, powerful call. This client’s life used to be easy. She was outgoing, had lots of friends and felt happy almost all the time. All of that changed abruptly, however, when she moved to a new city. Her career stagnated, she had trouble finding friends, and she now feels like a lost and isolated misfit.

How did this happen? Why would her vibration change so rapidly? And most importantly, how can she turn it around and be who she wants to be?

This call is all about remembering who you really are, a powerful creator who gets to have what you want.  If you need a reminder about who you really are, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • Her life use to be easy, but everything suddenly became difficult
  • She’s not gelling with the people around her and it’s making her feel like a misfit
  • She’s stuck in a rut with her career and can’t seem to find her way out of it
  • She recently suffered a panic attack that hospitalized her
  • Everything in her life was better before she moved location
  • What is the move to a new city showing her?
  • What happens when we lose our anchor?
  • How can she learn to take control and use her power in ways that serve her?
  • What caused her panic attack?
  • How does reality work out for us when we use our power?
  • Why do some people seem to suffer more than others?
  • How does she work through her limiting beliefs?
  • Why do we forget who we really are when we create by default?
  • How can she focus more on becoming the person she wants to be?
  • Can the isolation she’s experiencing right now be serving her?
  • How can she step into her power and own her goals so that she reaches them?
  • What if she gets scared following her goals?
  • Is seeking validation from other people a good idea?