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  • #124 How Can She Stop Being a Control Freak?

#124 How Can She Stop Being a Control Freak?


This client feels she has to help people even when it doesn’t feel good to do so. She always feels it’s her job to jump in and fix it; no matter what! If something goes wrong and a situation doesn’t work out, she immediately blames herself, as though it’s her responsibility to make sure that nothing ever goes wrong.

Why does she feel she has to control everything? How can she stop being so hard on herself when something goes wrong? How can she stop thinking everything’s her responsibility? Listen in and discover the underlying beliefs that turn us into control freaks and what we can do to release them.

This call is for you if you generally have to take control of everything and tend to give yourself a hard time when things don’t work out the way you want them to.

Topics covered on this call

  • She recently lost the business she ran with her Husband and now they’re in a mess
  • She’s trying to use the Law of Attraction to make their situation better but so far, hasn’t been successful
  • She finds it necessary to correct her husband when he’s using the Law of Attraction incorrectly
  • She blames herself for the fact that things have gone wrong for her Daughter
  • Why do control freaks blame themselves when things go wrong?
  • Is it healthy to temporarily blame other people instead of yourself?
  • How can she stop feeling guilty about not helping someone?
  • Why is her assistance often not actually helpful to others, no matter how well-intentioned?
  • How can she care for others and not diminish herself?
  • Why did she get post-natal depression?
  • Why is it harder to try and make things happen with action?
  • If she makes a mistake will she mess up her Daughter’s life?
  • How can she feel good about something that initially felt bad to her?
  • Why does she need to stop telling the story of what she doesn’t want?
  • How can she move into joy?
  • What does she really want for her family?
  • How can she focus on well-being both for herself and others and only use inspired action to help?