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  • #125 He’s Dissatisfied With Pretty Much Everything in His Life

#125 He’s Dissatisfied With Pretty Much Everything in His Life


There are many things in this caller’s life that are not working for him and right now he feels like he just wants to run away from it all. In the past, he took action that felt great at first, but those positive feelings never lasted and he just ended up unhappy again. It’s a repeating cycle that he doesn’t know how to get out of.

Why is this caller so unhappy with how his life is right now?  Why isn’t the action he’s taking working out better for him?  How can he feel better and start to attract what it is he really wants?

This call is for you if you’re struggling with where you are right now and can’t seem to find anything positive to focus on.

Topics covered on this call

  • He feels stuck in quite a few areas of his life
  • He wants to change his career and his surroundings so he can feel better
  • Why did the actions he previously took fall apart so soon?
  • How can he be happy with the way his life is RIGHT NOW?
  • What does being in denial really mean?
  • He has so many things he’d like to change, what should he focus on first?
  • He owns a Salon but he’s tired of the responsibility attached to it
  • What’s an easier way for him to get more clients?
  • How can he think better thoughts about his staff?
  • Can he learn to focus more positively?
  • How does lining up his energy help him to take inspired action?
  • Why does he continue to think negative thoughts?
  • How do we end up with manifestations that aren’t quite what we asked for?