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#126 She Wants a Successful Acting Career


She wants to have a successful acting career but doesn’t think it will happen for her. Leading up to her auditions she has a lot of fear that she’ll be rejected and when it happens she goes into panic mode thinking she can’t make it as an Actor. She struggles to remain positive and she wants to know what she can do to calm her fear of rejection.

This is a great call for artists who want to make it big in the entertainment world and for those who want to know how they can still believe in themselves when they don’t get a part they auditioned for.

Topics covered on this call

  • She has limiting beliefs that are stopping her from having a successful acting career
  • She’s been working as an Actor for 10 years but she’s not getting regular work
  • How can she use her acting skills to connect more with her audience?
  • What is a better way to get her energy flowing so her dream becomes a reality?
  • What is being mirrored back to her when she goes to auditions?
  • How can she still believe in herself when she gets rejected for a part?
  • Why is it a struggle for her to change thoughts of failure into thoughts of success?
  • How can she calm her fear of rejection before auditions?
  • How to become an Actor who chooses their own path towards success minus the fear of failure
  • Should we discuss our dreams with other people?
  • If thoughts of success don’t match the feeling of success can you still create the reality you want?
  • How do we continue to trust the process when our desire hasn’t shown up yet?