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  • #127 She Wants to Know How to Stop Stuttering

#127 She Wants to Know How to Stop Stuttering


This caller has lived with a stutter all her life.  When she speaks she feels powerless to use the words she wants to. She’s conscious of how others perceive her when she talks (she doesn’t stutter when she’s alone) and this creates a lot of anxiety for her.

Why has she manifested a stutter?  What resistance does she have when she’s around other people? Can her stutter be serving her in ways she’s not aware of and how can she feel more empowered no matter what she says or who she’s with?

This call is incredibly uplifting and allows you to see a physical condition in a whole new light.

Topics covered on this call

  • Her biggest insecurity is her stutter and she wants to know how to stop it
  • Although she’s had it all her life she’s seen some improvement
  • She feels powerless to express herself fully when she speaks
  • Are the words she’s choosing to use helping her or hindering her?
  • How can she stop being anxious about her stutter?
  • Whom should she be focusing on when she’s communicating with people?
  • How can she make her own experience more important than someone else’s?
  • Why her stutter is serving her
  • How can she stop focusing so much on other people?
  • Why does she feel she’s not liked by others?
  • Does she have the power to change her perception and become more authentic?
  • How can she express who she really is?
  • How can she build up her confidence when she’s speaking to others?