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  • #128 Her Partner Cheated But She Can’t Move On

#128 Her Partner Cheated But She Can’t Move On


This caller’s relationship broke up when her partner cheated on her and she finds herself unable to move on. She doesn’t understand why he did this especially when he’d promised her he wouldn’t do anything to hurt her. Now she feels unworthy, depressed and hurt. She can’t find a way to feel better about herself or the breakup because she’s still really angry with him.

How can she release her anger so that she can start to feel better about herself? How can she take control of her feelings and step back into her power?

If you’ve had your heart broken and you can’t move on from it, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • She split up with her partner when he cheated and now she can’t move on from it
  • She’s had two big manifestations recently that have left her feeling depressed and hurt
  • Why has she manifested these ugly situations and what is the universe showing her?
  • Why do we end up in relationships that don’t work out the way we want them to?
  • How can we recognize the difference between a needy relationship and one that feels good?
  • Does tying our security to another person actually ever work?
  • Why does he seem to be a different person now that he’s no longer with her?
  • How can she get over him and start to feel better about herself?
  • What are the best techniques to use that allow a healthy anger release?
  • What happens to us once we’ve released anger in a way that makes us feel better?
  • How can she take control and step into her power?
  • How can she become a match to the relationship she wants?
  • What’s the secret to having a truly happy relationship?
  • How can she start to honor herself more?