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  • #129 Can Being a Healer Be Fun and Profitable?

#129 Can Being a Healer Be Fun and Profitable?


This caller found a natural healing method that helped her tremendously when she was ill and now she wants to help others in the same way.  She hasn’t made the career move yet because she’s worried that she won’t find enough clients who are open to this kind of work, and that building her practice will be a lengthy, torturous process. Like many light workers she also believes she can’t have financial abundance when helping people.

How can she align herself with clients who are ready to be healed? What is she responsible for when healing someone? And why do so many healers think they have to struggle financially?

If you’re someone who’s interested in becoming a natural healer but you worry about clients who aren’t ready for you or you think healers should limit their financial abundance this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • She currently has a desk job but she’s drawn to a career in natural healing
  • She knows people in the business who struggled financially before their practice became a success and is worried that she’ll have to take the same route
  • Why does she want to become a healer?
  • Can she help everyone who comes to her?
  • Why do some people heal and some do not?
  • How can she attract clients who are ready to be healed and who are fun for her to work with?
  • Why are more and more people starting to use natural healing methods?
  • How can she get her clients to understand the correlation between their emotions and their physical pain?
  • How can she remove her limiting beliefs that are stopping her from becoming a healer?
  • Why do many healers believe it’s wrong to have financial abundance when helping others to heal?