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  • #130 She Wants To Stop Giving Too Much in Relationships

#130 She Wants To Stop Giving Too Much in Relationships


This caller felt she compromised too much in a past relationship and now she wants to manifest one where she gets to be who she really is.  She wants a man who shares her interests and who makes her feel that they are on an equal and balanced path together.

How do we compromise in a relationship without feeling we are giving up on who we really are? Can we really manifest someone who is a match to us in every way?  What does an equal and balanced relationship actually look like?

This call is for you if you struggle with compromise, whether it’s you giving too much or taking too much!

Topics covered on this call

  • She understands how the law of attraction works but her manifestations are not happening quickly enough
  • She has many areas that she’d like to see improvement on
  • Can she choose one area to work on and still allow positive changes to manifest in other areas?
  • She’d like to be in a relationship where they have a lot in common with each other
  • She’s been single for a while and so far she’s only attracted men who aren’t fully available to her
  • How is her past relationship with her husband stopping her from manifesting the relationship she now wants?
  • Why does she feel she can’t be who she really is when she’s in a relationship?
  • How can we compromise without being defensive or resentful?
  • How do we manifest truly balanced relationships?
  • What technique can we use that helps us to de-stress and allow us to create what we want?
  • How do we stop giving our power away to others?