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  • #134 Relationship Issues: the Good Ones Run Away; the Bad Ones Stick Around

#134 Relationship Issues: the Good Ones Run Away; the Bad Ones Stick Around


This caller has tried to improve her relationships and her health but nothing she tries works.  The guys she likes don’t stick around while the guys she’s not that attracted to won’t go away.

Does she really only have to date guys that she’s not attracted to?  Are her fears also affecting her health?

This call is for you if you are dating but it’s not quite working out the way you want it to.

Topics covered on this call

  • She wants to have a relationship that feels good, she also wants to lose weight and improve her health
  • When she tries to work on these areas nothing gets better for her
  • Why isn’t she getting what she wants when she’s trying so hard to make improvements?
  • How can she remove her barriers so that she can feel safe in a relationship?
  • What makes her believe that a man will lose interest in her very quickly?
  • What is the best way to attract a guy who shares the same interests as you?
  • What fears does she have when she’s dating a guy she really likes, and how can she overcome them?
  • Why we can’t use willpower to get what we want
  • What can happen to our health when we beat up on ourselves?
  • Why is it taking so long for her to get what she wants?
  • What can she focus on to help her to release negative thoughts?
  • Why do men’s emotions seem so different from women’s emotions?
  • Can a woman be truly happy if she’s single?
  • How to disarm a passive aggressive question about being single!
  • How can she give herself credit for the work she’s done so far?
  • Why do we suffer from side effects when we start to move energy?