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  • #136 How Can She Overcome Her Traumatic Childhood and Feel Worthy?

#136 How Can She Overcome Her Traumatic Childhood and Feel Worthy?


This caller has some very deep rooted beliefs that she’s picked up in her childhood. She grew up in a cult and was told from a young age that women are only here to serve men. Now as an adult she finds herself having relationships with men although she feels safer with women. She struggles to set boundaries with people because this has made people leave her in the past.

Listen in to discover what we can do when we have deep seated beliefs about our worth and how we can change these beliefs and start to live a life full of joy.

This call is for you if you’ve forgotten just how worthy you really are.

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s having a relationship but it’s very much on and off
  • What is this type of relationship showing her?
  • Why is she involved with this person when it’s not what she really wants?
  • How can she make the right decision for her?
  • Her sexual experiences with women are easier for her to deal with than sex with men
  • What is it that keeps drawing her back to this man when she doesn’t really want to be with him?
  • What are the protective mechanisms she uses so that she doesn’t have to face her feelings?
  • Why do we compromise when it doesn’t feel that good to us to do it?
  • When we set boundaries with other people why doesn’t it always work?
  • How can she raise her self-esteem and start putting herself first?
  • How do we overcome the guilt we feel towards other people when we set boundaries with them?
  • Can we get what we want without having to suffer along the way?
  • How does the Universe help us to set boundaries?
  • When she feels anger what is the best way to handle it so that she feels relief?
  • What do we do when our reality ‘today’ triggers us?
  • What are we really here to do and how do we overcome beliefs that don’t serve us?