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#137 She Wants to Start a Nature-Based Business


This client really has a passion for naturalistic gardening and wants to start up a business in this field. Because she gets nervous about working with people, however, she’s undecided about what to do.  When she’s out in nature and with animals she feels a real connection to the world and she’d love other people to understand and feel that same connection.

How can she overcome her nerves about working with other people and can she really get them to feel about nature the way she does?   Are humans and Mother Nature really connected or is it just something that sounds pretty…

This call is for you, if you have a passion to start up a business and especially if it’s working alongside good old Mother Nature.

Topics covered on this call

  • She has a blog about naturalistic gardening which hasn’t taken off
  • She’d now like to start a business advising people how to create gardens in tune with Nature
  • She holds herself back because she gets nervous working with other people
  • How can she make her business a reality while having these fears?
  • What naturalistic gardening?
  • Does ‘Mother Nature’ need our protection?
  • How can she find her own alignment with Nature and animals?
  • What do we focus on to get the reality we want?
  • Just how powerful is Nature and how does that affect the human race?
  • How can she use her connection with Nature to inspire others?
  • When should she take action and interact with people?
  • What can Honeybees show us about how inspiration works?
  • When we are feeling joy what does the universe mirror back to us?
  • How can she launch her business so that it grows at a comfortable pace for her?
  • How can she find her voice and make her business a success?
  • Why giving away things for free can be a great way to allow people to connect to a business you feel passionate about