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  • #138 Why Isn’t She A Wife And Mother Yet And What If It Never Happens?

#138 Why Isn’t She A Wife And Mother Yet And What If It Never Happens?


This client has a strong desire and need to be a wife and mother, nothing else means as much to her as this.  She believes without it she’s a failure and that her life has no purpose. She knows she’ll be a great wife and mother and her need is huge, so why hasn’t it happened yet?

If we have a strong desire for something, why doesn’t the law of attraction bring it to us straight away?  What’s the difference between desperately needing something to happen and having a desire for something to happen?

This caller’s fears were so strong that we couldn’t resolve them in one hour (and this call is almost 1.5 hours), but the call does demonstrate how facing your fears, and letting go of the need for something to happen, can get you what you want much easier and faster.

This call is for you if what you want hasn’t shown up yet and you’re struggling to get past the fear that it might never happen for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • She wants to be a wife and have children but the person she’s involved with isn’t ready to settle down
  • She’s started to feel depressed and empty when he’s not with her
  • She has a history of falling for guys who aren’t ready to commit and she wants to know why she keeps repeating this
  • What are these relationships mirroring back to her?
  • Why is she feeling insecure and needy when the man she’s dating doesn’t contact her for a few days?
  • Why is the thought of never being a wife or mother so scary for her?
  • What is the difference between having a desire and being desperate for something to happen?
  • What does unconditional love actually mean?
  • Why isn’t she a match right now to what she wants?
  • In our early years is it a good idea to put a life-plan in place?
  • Why do things appear to fall apart when we start visualizing what we want?
  • Can we make other people do what we what them to do?
  • Are we a match to what we want when we need something to happen?
  • What is our life purpose and why are we really here?
  • How can she still feel worthy when she doesn’t have what she wants yet?
  • If we acknowledge our fears will this stop our desires manifesting?
  • What is the difference between letting go of our desire and giving up on it?
  • How do we define what a successful person is?
  • Why do things work out for us when we don’t really care about the outcome?