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  • #139 Moving From Depression To Creating The Life You Want

#139 Moving From Depression To Creating The Life You Want


She’s spent her entire life doing what other people have told her to do and doesn’t feel she’s in control of her own life.  Her negative self-talk is keeping her from creating the life she truly wants.

What are the common causes of anxiety and depression? How can we stop the negative self talk and become the powerful creators that we’re meant to be?

If you’re feeling depressed and you’re not sure how to lift yourself out of it, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • She believes she can’t allow good things to come to her because she doesn’t know how to stop her negative self talk
  • She’s currently having therapy to help her overcome her depression and anxiety, but feels she needs more
  • What emotions are we not dealing with which can, if not addressed, turn into depression?
  • What exactly is depression and why do we make certain decisions when we’re depressed?
  • How can start to feel better?
  • She wants to live deliberately and not reactively, but she doesn’t know how to do that
  • If you know what you want and can visualize it, why don’t you have it already?
  • Is it possible to go from depressed to happy in just one day?
  • Why does the thought of getting a job scare her so much?
  • Why is it important to recognize how we’re feeling when we’re trying to make the improvements we want?
  • What does day-dreaming have to do with creating our reality?
  • Are we being punished for our thoughts when bad things happen to us?
  • When we become aware of the emotional pain we’ve been living with, what will happen for us?
  • When we feel angry or sad how do we constructively work through these emotions?
  • Are quantum leaps a quicker and easier route to getting what we want?
  • What benefits are there when we allow ourselves to be truly angry about something?