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  • #140 She Can’t Find A Way To Make Her Current Situation Better

#140 She Can’t Find A Way To Make Her Current Situation Better


This client can visualize the life she wants but her reality is so bad she can’t remain positive for long.  Nothing seems to be getting better for her.

Her Husband suffers from mental health issues and treats her badly at times, she wants to leave him but she doesn’t think she can support herself or her children if she does.

Should we stay in a situation when it’s detrimental to our own happiness?  Why isn’t visualizing working for her? Can she set boundaries with her husband without excusing his behavior because of his mental illness?

This call is for you if visualizing a better life just isn’t working for you and setting boundaries is something you find difficult to do.

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s trying to focus on the life she wants but she’s facing challenges that are stopping her from remaining positive
  • What can she do, in the moment, when she’s dealing with a manifestation that doesn’t feel good to her?
  • How can we best handle a situation that leaves us feeling anything but positive?
  • Being around her husband makes her feel panicky and full of anxiety but she can’t leave him because of her finances
  • Why is she using her financial situation as a reason for not leaving him even though she’s very unhappy?
  • If taking action doesn’t feel good, should we still take it anyway?
  • What does “Tough Love” actually mean and how do we benefit from it?
  • Why has she attracted this situation with her husband?
  • How can she set boundaries with him when his behavior could be because of his mental health?
  • What should we do when we set a boundary and someone else doesn’t want to follow it?
  • How can we feel safe if we’re afraid someone will hurt us physically?
  • Can setting a boundary actually change a situation we don’t like?
  • Why does a problem go away for a while only to re-surface again a short time later?
  • How do another person’s actions mirror what’s happening in our own vibration?
  • Can dealing with an unwanted situation lead us to where we really want to go?
  • If visualizing what we want isn’t bringing it to us, what else should we be doing?