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  • #142 Why Is Finding Enlightenment So Difficult Sometimes?

#142 Why Is Finding Enlightenment So Difficult Sometimes?


This caller regularly works on improving her self-awareness but she finds it difficult to keep the momentum going.  Sometimes she feels all enlightened but when her fears pop up again she begins to feel overwhelmed and anything but enlightened. She believes that if she only had more faith, then everything in her reality would fall into place.

What does being enlightened really mean?  Can you find it in just one day and that’s it, you’re done?  Or is it an on-going process that gets easier with practice?

If you want to know what being enlightened is all about, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • Recently she’s had health problems and separated from her Husband leaving her in a state of limbo
  • She wants to have more faith that things are working for her and not against her
  • What can happen to us when we put ourselves in an energetic situation that doesn’t serve us?
  • How does illness occur in our bodies and what is it trying to tell us?
  • She feels strong at times but other times she feels weak and lacking in confidence
  • Why is she finding it difficult to accept the progress she’s made?
  • Why is it important to notice how we feel?
  • What “lack of faith” actually means, and how do we tell ourselves a new story?
  • How can we stop being overwhelmed by the various techniques for self awareness?
  • What is our mind trying to do for us when we’re overwhelmed?
  • How can we train it to think in a way that serves us better?
  • Is it ever helpful to compare ourselves to other people?
  • What can we do when we get triggered by something or someone?
  • How can she stop feeling like she’s in a competition with her Ex-Husband for their children’s affection?
  • What is her jealously really about when the children have a good time with their Dad?
  • Does trying to find enlightenment get easier the more we keep at it?