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  • #143 He Doesn’t Know How To Attract The Money He Wants

#143 He Doesn’t Know How To Attract The Money He Wants


This caller has attracted a lot of what he wants already but no matter how hard he tries to attract money, he just can’t get it to come to him.

If he can attract many great things already, what’s the blockage that’s stopping him from attracting the money he wants?  Should he focus purely on the money to let it in?  What vibration do you need to attract all the money you want?

This call is for you if you’ve tried raising your money vibration but your bank account is far from overflowing.

Topics covered on this call

  • He’s manifested many good things but can’t seem to attract the money he desires
  • How will his life get better if he gets all the money he wants?
  • What is stopping him from manifesting the wealth he’s after?
  • Do we really need money to have the things we want?
  • How do we limit the flow of money coming to us?
  • What should we focus on to get it flowing in our direction?
  • What value does money really have?
  • How do we get into the feeling of being abundant when we think we’re not?
  • What happens when we tell the Universe that we’re happy with what we already have?
  • What does the Universe mirror back to us if our vibration is one of lack?
  • How specific should our visualizations be to get what we want?
  • Is hard work really needed to be successful?
  • How do we know we’re on the right path to getting what we want?
  • When do our manifestations show up in our reality?
  • Why are some manifestations not quite what we asked for?