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  • #144 She’s Too Afraid Of Getting Hurt To Create The Relationship She Wants

#144 She’s Too Afraid Of Getting Hurt To Create The Relationship She Wants


This caller has many limiting beliefs, especially around relationships and her career. She’s now over the pain of a past relationship and feels ready to find her soul mate, but all she’s attracting are men who can’t commit to her.

In her career she didn’t achieve the massive success she thought she would in her 20’s and now she believes that it’s too late because she’s too old.

Listen in and hear how we work through these limiting beliefs and to how the caller moves into a much better feeling place, moving her away from powerless to powerfulness.

This call is for you if you’re attracting commitment phobics and you think you’re running out of time to have the career success you want.

Topics covered on this call

  • She keeps attracting men who aren’t right for her
  • She believes the last guy she attracted was secretly gay, which has happened before
  • How did it make her feel when he rejected her?
  • What fears are stopping her going after the relationship she really wants?
  • Why was she so angry with the last guy who rejected her?
  • How can she work on her anger without being shut down by anyone?
  • Why did she attract a guy who doesn’t represent the relationship she wants?
  • Does experiencing powerlessness help us to step into our power in a much bigger way?
  • Why do we believe that other people are more successful than we are?
  • What are better questions to ask when you see a successful person?
  • If we can imagine something, can we create it in our reality?
  • Are we ever too old to be who we want to be?
  • How to have a better time by “observing & experiencing”
  • How can she manifest the perfect man for her?