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  • #145 How Can She Stop Thinking That She Doesn’t Really Belong Here?

#145 How Can She Stop Thinking That She Doesn’t Really Belong Here?


This caller remembers her life before she was born. As a child she’d talk openly about it but others couldn’t relate to her and they’d tell her to shut up. This rejection and being the only person she knows who can remember her life before she was born leads her to believe she doesn’t truly belong here.

Why is she able to remember “who she really is” and why did she decide to be born into an environment where no-one else remembers?  How can she start believing in herself more and learn to accept that right here, right now is where she should be?

This call is advanced LOA and not really for beginners, but if you want to go further down the rabbit hole, this call is for you.

 Topics covered on this call

  • From an early age she’s felt fear and anxiety which she puts down to believing she doesn’t belong here on earth
  • Why does she have these feelings that she shouldn’t be here?
  • What’s the difference between feeling lonely and feeling you don’t belong?
  • How is she able to remember “who she really is” when others around her can’t?
  • Why did other people challenge her when she’d talk about life before she came here?
  • Why are people so uncomfortable when they’re asked questions about their own beliefs?
  • She feels lonely because she doesn’t have anyone to talk to authentically about the things she remembers
  • How can she attract more like minded people into her life?
  • Can we ever truly help others if we haven’t sorted ourselves out first?
  • Why doesn’t she feel safe living in her environment?
  • Why do we stop listening to our inner guidance and how can we start trusting it again?
  • How can she set boundaries with people and start to honor herself more?
  • What are our manifestations showing us when they “suddenly” appear?