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  • #147 She’s Sick and Tired of Being Single but Doesn’t Want to Settle

#147 She’s Sick and Tired of Being Single but Doesn’t Want to Settle


This caller has been single for a long time and it’s not something she can get all happy shiny puppy about.  She’s done a lot of inner work to remove her blockages, so why hasn’t the universe brought her the awesome guy yet?  What beliefs does she have that are blocking the relationship she wants and how can she avoid “just settling”?

Listen in as we explore what her limited beliefs are, why she can’t feel happy when she’s single and how she becomes a match to the relationship she wants.

This call is for you if you’re sick and tired of being single, but you want to avoid settling for just anyone.

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s been single for a long time and she wants to find out what her blockages around relationships are
  • She’s not a happy shiny puppy when she’s not in a relationship
  • How is being single actually serving her?
  • Her last relationship wasn’t a positive one and was very much on/off
  • When we’re feeling insecure can we attract something that makes us feel secure?
  • What value is there in making peace with where our reality is right now?
  • Why does it take us so long to manifest what we want?
  • How can she feel better when she has resistance about finding her perfect man?
  • She’s currently dating someone but there’s no spark between them
  • How can she go from just settling for anyone to becoming a match to an awesome relationship?
  • How can she use her friendships to create the romantic relationship she wants?
  • How can she feel worthy and sexy when’s she not in a relationship?
  • What are better questions to ask yourself when resistance presents itself?