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  • #148 She Wants To Be the Master in her Field

#148 She Wants To Be the Master in her Field


This caller didn’t start playing chess until she was an adult and has been told she’s too old to make it big. She’s studied really hard to be the best she can be, but she’s gone from being a good chess player to losing most of her games.

Why hasn’t all the studying paid off for her?  What resistance does she have that’s taken her from being a good player to someone who no longer wins or enjoys the game and how can she overcome it?

This call is for you if you’ve learned all the skills you need to achieve something, and are ready to step up in a big way, but nothing you’re doing is bringing you the success you desire.

Topics covered on this call

  • She dreams of being a professional chess player but she’s been told she can’t make it to the top because she only started playing as an adult
  • She’s studied really hard but she’s gone from being a good chess player to losing most of her games
  • Why does something start out fun but can soon become something we hate doing?
  • What’s the difference between doing something and the feeling of something?
  • Why is it important to understand how you’re feeling right now in this moment?
  • What resistance does she have when she’s playing in a chess tournament?
  • Where should she put her focus when she’s playing chess?
  • What’s the difference between listening to our intuition and listening to our logic?
  • How can she overcome the self doubt she feels when she’s playing in tournaments?
  • When do you know you’ve learnt enough to become the master at something?
  • What does being in the zone mean and how does it benefit us?
  • How can she start to trust her intuition more and get what she wants from playing chess?
  • Why should she start to think bigger to create the reality she wants?
  • When should she listen to the reaction of other people?
  • What is she being shown when she’s feeling anxious?
  • How is her dog showing her that she needs to set boundaries for herself?
  • Why do we tend to obsess more about losing rather than celebrating the times we win?
  • How can she start to enjoy playing chess again?