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  • #150 She’s Using Substances to Help Her Cope With Her Anxiety

#150 She’s Using Substances to Help Her Cope With Her Anxiety


This caller has used many different substances to help her relax and feel more confident.  Currently, she’s using alcohol which is allowing her to soothe the constant nagging feeling of anxiety she has most of the time.  Without it she feels on edge and lacking in self confidence.

Why do we use substances to ease feelings of anxiety and what’s the difference between enjoying a substance and becoming dependent on it?

Listen in as we explore this caller’s limiting beliefs, why she needs to self-medicate to make her feel better and how she can release the anxiety that’s blocking her from seeing her own greatness.

This call is for you if you’re finding yourself plagued by anxiety and are self-medicating in some way to help you feel better.

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s quite a fearful person and she’s using substances to feel relaxed and more confident
  • She’s drinking alcohol most nights because she feels quite edgy without it
  • Why do some people use substances and are there any benefits when we use them?
  • What’s the difference between using substances to relax and becoming dependent on them?
  • Why should we give ourselves permission to enjoy our chosen substance?
  • She gets scared that she’s not able to please other people as much as she’d like to
  • Are we ever really responsible for other people’s experience when we’re with them?
  • She has a feeling of shame but she doesn’t know why she’s experiencing this
  • How are people around her mirroring back to her the feelings she has about herself?
  • How can she learn to validate herself and start to feel better?
  • Why does she feel responsible for the manifestations that her partner is attracting?
  • How much practice does it take to tell ourselves a better story before it takes hold in our brain?
  • What are the beliefs we have that create a feeling of anxiety in social situations?
  • She’s a writer and she wants to know how she can write more authentically
  • How can she start to see herself in a better light and like who she is more?