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  • #151 He’s an openly Gay, Black Man Who Doesn’t Feel Safe in his Own Community

#151 He’s an openly Gay, Black Man Who Doesn’t Feel Safe in his Own Community


As an openly gay man, this caller has, from an early age, always felt unsafe in his environment. Throughout his life he’s suffered insults because of it and has even been physically attacked. 

When he gets called a derogatory name, he believes it sums up what he is – someone who’s not good enough to be who he really is.

Listen in as we quickly dispel the limiting belief that makes us feel that if we’re different from the “norm”, then there’s something wrong with us.  We also discuss why other people behave in a threatening way when they encounter someone who’s different from them.

This call is for you if you want an uplifting view on what it means to be “different” and how shining your light on them will make you feel more worthy than you’ve ever felt before. 

Topics covered on this call

  • He’s an openly gay man who from an early age has not felt safe in his environment
  • He’s at school and this was a safe place for him until he was attacked because of his homosexuality
  • How did he attract this particular experience if he believed he would be safe there?
  • Why do we manifest our biggest fear and how can this serve us?
  • Can we face our fears and clean them up before they manifest into our reality?
  • Why do some people feel threatened if we shine our true personality onto them?
  • How can he feel more powerful when someone insults him because of who he is?
  • How can we go from just surviving to actually thriving in our environment?
  • He still has fears that he’ll be physically attacked again because of who he really is
  • What can he do to ease these fears and eliminate unwanted manifestations?
  • Why is the universe making him so aware of his fears?
  • How can being “different” make you more authentic?
  • How are other people’s reactions mirroring back what we think about ourselves?