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  • #152 She Can’t Find the Inspiration to Finish Writing Her Novel

#152 She Can’t Find the Inspiration to Finish Writing Her Novel


We cover two limiting beliefs in this call, a lack of inspiration to complete something we love doing and unexpected weight gain.  This caller started writing her novel ages ago but is struggling to find the inspiration to finish it.  She wants nothing more than to be a novelist so why is this happening to her?  What’s going on in her energy that’s blocking her biggest desire?

She’s also gained weight recently. She feels uncomfortable because of this and would like more physical energy. Is her lack of inspiration to finish her novel and her weight gain connected and what action does she need to take to both finish her novel and lose the weight?

This call is for you if you have a strong desire to take action but getting into the flow of actually taking it is something you’re struggling with.

Topics covered on this call

  • She began writing her novel some time ago but she can’t find the inspiration to finish it
  • She always starts off quite well but struggles with the specifics of the book
  • Why is it difficult for her to get into the flow of writing her book?
  • Is it a good idea to force action when we really don’t want to do something?
  • How and why do we unintentionally block the manifestations we want?
  • How can resistance show itself in our bodies?
  • What are our manifestations showing us and how can we see the gift in all of them?
  • How do we line up with what we truly want?
  • Why do we make specific manifestations responsible for our happiness?
  • How big should we dream when we’re trying to create our reality?
  • Do we have to think about what we want all the time to manifest it?
  • Is suffering really necessary before we receive what we want?
  • She gained weight recently and she wants to understand why this has happened
  • Why do we suffer physically when we gain weight?
  • Can we feel good about our bodies when we believe we’re overweight?
  • Why do some people quickly regain the weight they’ve lost?