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#154 He Wants To Get Out Of The Friendzone


This caller has had a lot of positive experiences with women but he just can’t seem to connect with them on a romantic level.  He’s resigned himself to never finding “the one”. When he tries to visualize that special someone his mind won’t get on board with it happening for him.

What beliefs does he have that make him think a woman won’t want a relationship with him?  Why has he resigned himself to believing he’ll be single forever?

Listen in as we bust through his resistance and he learns what he needs to do to align himself with the relationship he wants.

This call is for you, if you constantly find yourself in the friend zone, if finding “the one” is something you believe won’t ever happen for you and/or you’ve already decided you’re destined to be single forever.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller is a 22 year old man who can’t connect romantically with women
  • He’s had lots of positive experiences with them but not on a romantic level
  • Why does he find it difficult to envision himself in a relationship with a woman?
  • What evidence does he have that the Universe is showing him he’s already on the way to finding that special someone?
  • Why is visualizing a good tool to use when we want to improve our reality?
  • Why it’s never a good idea to make our manifestations responsible for our happiness
  • Is our past an indication of what we can manifest now and in the future?
  • What’s a good question to ask yourself when you want to create a new reality?
  • If we have no physical evidence to support that we can have what we want how can we believe we can create it?
  • How do we know we’re making progress and that what we want is on its way?
  • How can we remove the “yes buts” when we’re visualizing the relationship we want?
  • Why do we believe other people won’t find us sexually attractive?
  • Do we have to take lots of action to find “the one”?
  • How to deal with the negative advice we get from other people about relationships?