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  • #155 She Wants To Stop Hiding Who She Really Is

#155 She Wants To Stop Hiding Who She Really Is


We covered more than one limiting belief in this call: hiding who we really are, a lack of confidence in our abilities to succeed in our careers and just how much hard work is really required to be successful in it.

This caller had her own business teaching people to ride horses but gave it up because she didn’t think she knew enough to teach them. Coupled with the fact that the money she was earning didn’t reflect the amount of hard work she was putting into it she now wants to find a job where she can travel, be part of a team and be who she really is instead of someone who hides her true self to please other people.

What makes her believe she’s not good enough to teach? Do we have to work really hard to accomplish the success we want?  If we hide who we really are, can we become as empowered as we know we should be?

This call is for you, if you lack the confidence to be who you really are and you’re holding yourself back because you don’t recognize that you’re actually good at something.

Topics covered on this call

  • She wants to be who she really is and stop pretending to be someone she’s not
  • She wants to improve her work life and become more empowered
  • How can she learn to be herself and be who she really is?
  • In her career she adopted a persona that she thought other people wanted to see
  • Why did she think this was the right way to behave?
  • Why do we believe there’s a risk in being who we really are?
  • How can we build our confidence and acknowledge when we’re good at something?
  • Can we ever really hide who we truly are when we’re with other people?
  • Do we have to work hard at something we don’t want to do to achieve success?
  • How can we align our energy to the success we want?
  • Will working hard guarantee that you’ll earn a lot of money?
  • What’s the difference between working hard and working at something you enjoy?
  • How can we avoid being overwhelmed with our workload?
  • How can we be more assertive without becoming aggressive?
  • Why are we harder on ourselves than we are with other people?
  • How can she respond in a way that feels good when she gets criticized by her Mom?
  • Why do we find it difficult to hear our intuition when it’s trying to tell us something?
  • How do we manage to mess up our manifestations without intending to?