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  • #156 She Wants to Realize Her Lifelong Dream of Being On Television

#156 She Wants to Realize Her Lifelong Dream of Being On Television


This caller has always had a desire to be on television.  As a child she wanted to be a talk show host but didn’t think an opportunity would open up for her, so she became a lawyer instead.  She’s been trying to get on television as a judge in teen court but whenever she gets close to that happening, things always seem to fall apart before they can come about completely.

Why hasn’t she achieved her biggest desire yet?  How is she still blocking it?  Listen in as we work through her limiting beliefs and how her emotions, when she’s rejected, have a direct affect on what she manifests. 

This call is for you if you’re still waiting for your biggest desire to manifest and you have no idea why you’re blocking it.

Topics covered on this call

  • She wants to know how she can align herself with the things she wants
  • She knows she’s blocking herself but she doesn’t know how she’s doing it
  • From childhood she’s always loved watching talk shows on T.V. and had ambitions to be a talk show host herself
  • She ended up being a lawyer and has hated every second of it
  • She’d done daytime court shows, although not on T.V., which she loved
  • She keeps manifesting legal jobs, but not a television production deal, which is her biggest desire
  • Why is the making of the show falling down at the last hurdle?
  • When it falls apart, what emotion is she feeling and is how she feels linked to its failure?
  • Why does she judge herself and whether or not she’s good enough to do the show?
  • Why should we trust our own opinion without caring what others think of us?
  • What does being in the “zone” mean?
  • Why are we so inspired by people who can put themselves in the “zone”?
  • How can she start to look at herself in a way that feels better?
  • What evidence does she have that the Universe has been preparing her for what she wants?
  • Why do we suffer so much when we’re not living the life we want?
  • How do other people mirror back our doubts to us?
  • What should she focus on when she’s visualizing her television show?
  • How can she tell she’s really close to manifesting what she wants?
  • Why our manifestations come at the perfect time