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  • #157 How Can She Get Her Voice Heard Around Other People?

#157 How Can She Get Her Voice Heard Around Other People?


This caller has already done a lot of work with LOA and is starting to feel a lot better about herself but she still has an underlying belief that makes her feel afraid around some people.  She doesn’t think they hear her when she talks and she blames this on not being good enough for them.  She’d love to be a confident and outgoing person but she has no idea how to get there.

Why does she feel this way and why is the universe giving her experiences that match this fear? Listen in as we work through this limiting belief and to what happens to your reality when you remove it.

This call is for you if you have a belief that you’re not good enough and you want to have the confidence to be who you really are around other people.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller has started to really understand LOA but is now coming up against a wall of fear
  • Why is she feeling this way when she understands LOA is about creating a reality you want?
  • What is it that she’s so afraid of and how can she feel better about it?
  • Are humans really wired to hurt each other when given the chance to do so?
  • Why do some people react badly to us when we shine our bright light on them?
  • How can she stop limiting herself and allow herself to live the life she wants?
  • Why does she feel her voice isn’t being heard when she’s at work?
  • What is the universe mirroring back to her?
  • How should we react if someone else doesn’t hear what we’re saying to them?
  • What’s the difference between making something happen and letting something happen?
  • How can we change our perspective when we have a feeling of insecurity?
  • What can we do to manifest better feeling experiences?
  • How long does it take to change our reality once we’ve moved into a better feeling place?
  • Who should we listen to when we’re learning to move into a better reality?