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#158 He’s A Man In His 50’s Who Wants To Be A Musician


He’s a man in his 50’s who’s always wanted to be a singer/songwriter, but instead of following this dream, he decided to have a safer, more practical career instead.  The desire and the talent he has for writing songs is with him all the time but he always finds a reason not to follow his heart.

Can we truly be happy if we decide not to take the path our heart wants us to follow?  Will we ever reach our full potential when we play it safe?  And who the hell said it’s not safe or practical to follow your dreams………

This call is for you, if you’ve decided there’s only one way to live your life and that’s to live it to your full potential.

Topics covered on this call

  • He’s a man in his 50’s who hasn’t lived up to his childhood potential
  • He knows he could have achieved so much more than he has
  • If something doesn’t make your heart sing, should you carry on doing it?
  • From an early age he wanted to be a singer/songwriter, but studied a practical subject instead and now works in retail
  • Why hasn’t he followed his childhood desire of being a musician?
  • What can he do that will help him line up with what he wants to do?
  • Why is he finding reasons not to follow his dreams?
  • How can he attract abundance when he just puts his focus on being a musician?
  • Does the universe reward our happy thoughts and punish our negative thoughts?
  • What’s a better way to set goals?
  • Is it ever too late to start living the life you want?
  • Why we should never worry about the HOW of our manifestations
  • How can we open up our energy and let the manifestations we want come in regardless of age?