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  • #159 She Wants To Manifest A Marriage Proposal From Her Boyfriend

#159 She Wants To Manifest A Marriage Proposal From Her Boyfriend


This caller wants her boyfriend to propose so that she can start living her life.  They are happy together but she believes if he proposes then she’ll experience more happiness.  She loves the idea of sharing a home with him, and children one day, but NOT without the wedding day first.

Will being married make her any happier than she is right now?  What if he never proposes; will she decide the great relationship she has with him is not for her anymore? Does she really have to wait to be married before she can start living her life?

This call is for you if you want to know what being committed to someone is really all about and you’ve put your life on hold while you wait for someone to pop the question. 

Topics covered on this call

  • She’s waiting for her boyfriend to propose but there’s no sign it’s going to happen anytime soon
  • She has a feeling of jealousy when she hears other people are getting engaged
  • What does being married actually mean to her?
  • What will being married give her that she doesn’t currently have?
  • Can anyone else truly make us happy?
  • Why does she believe her life will begin fully once she gets married?
  • Why do our manifestations show up when we let go of what we want?
  • How do we truly commit ourselves to another person?
  • Should she try and force him to ask her to marry him?
  • How do we become a match to the relationship we want?
  • What happens to our reality when we focus on anything that feel good to us?
  • Why does she put more focus on being married than the relationship?
  • Can she have the life she wants with him if they don’t marry?
  • How has her limiting belief about him not proposing shown itself?
  • How can she be in the NOW right now?