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  • #160 She Has A Big Desire But Doesn’t Think She’s Good Enough To Achieve It

#160 She Has A Big Desire But Doesn’t Think She’s Good Enough To Achieve It


This caller has big, BIG desires.  She wants to play her part in bringing peace to the world.  Her dream is to empower women who’ve been sold into human trafficking, but, she doesn’t always feel she’s good enough to help empower women with this experience. What if she’s not on her true path and what if she’s not good enough to help them?

This is a great call that allows me to demonstrate that we should dream big and to show how feelings of unworthiness can affect both our professional and personal life.

This call is for you if feelings of unworthiness are stopping you from going after your biggest desire.

Topics covered on this call

  • She wants to work in Human Rights but feels there’s a block stopping her from getting the security she wants in this field
  • Does anything need to happen for us to get what we want?
  • Why the universe gives us our manifestations in perfect timing
  • How can she become more aligned with her vision of what she wants?
  • Is getting what we want more about who we are or what we know?
  • Why it’s ok to feel proud of ourselves
  • What is the right way to help someone recognize their own power?
  • How do we know if we’re on the right path?
  • How can she overcome her resistance around relationships with men?
  • What does being jealous of someone really mean?
  • How does a feeling of unworthiness influence our daily lives?
  • What is a healthy relationship?
  • Is being put on a pedestal ever a good idea?
  • Why do we feel uncomfortable when we start working with our resistance?