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  • #161 Why Did She Manifest The Experience Of Having A Stillborn Daughter?

#161 Why Did She Manifest The Experience Of Having A Stillborn Daughter?


This caller’s daughter was stillborn and she believes it happened because she wasn’t good enough to be this little girl’s Mom.  This is not the first time she’s felt that she’s not good enough. In fact, she’s felt this way most of her life, resulting in her not setting boundaries – especially with her own Mom with whom she has a difficult relationship.

Although this call is about the death of a child, it isn’t a dark call.  It’s a powerful call that explains why a stillborn can happen and shows we’re always good enough, no matter what.  It also explains how you can and should set boundaries with people and not feel guilty doing so.

If you have feelings of not being good enough, setting boundaries is difficult for you, or you’ve gone through a huge painful manifestation, this call is for you.

Topics covered on this call

  • This caller’s full term baby was stillborn and she wants to know what resistance she has that caused this
  • Did she really make this painful manifestation happen because of her resistance?
  • Why did she wait until she was pregnant to start setting boundaries?
  • What was this manifestation showing her?
  • Is anyone else responsible for our manifestations?
  • Why has she spent most of her life feeling guilty about who she is?
  • When will her baby be ready to be born and stay?
  • What does she think will happen if she starts living the life she wants?
  • Why do we believe we’re lazy when we don’t do things we don’t like doing?
  • How has her relationship with her Mom had an impact on how she feels about herself?
  • What is her Mother really telling her when she’s passive aggressive towards her?
  • Will being a happy shiny puppy make everyone run away from us?
  • Is it her job to make her Mom happy?
  • Can we be unhappy enough to make someone else truly happy?
  • Why are some parents having such a hard time with the children born today?
  • Is it a good idea to sit and allow the pain when going through the grieving process?
  • How can a huge painful manifestation serve us?